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Wedding & Creative Portrait


Photography is one of the most important elements of your big day! See your love story being told through your photos. I aim to capture every special moment on your big day, by personalizing everything in an artistic and magical way. My edge is that I focus on the hidden and meaningful moments, as opposed to just the obvious and 'stagey' captures.

Open for bookings for 2021/2022

Elegant Wedding
Beautiful Wedding Bouquet



We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our best wedding team of photographers & viediographers in Toronto.


It's your special Day


We don’t take forced, stiff or Awkward photos, we believe in capturing authentic emotions, feelings and all those in-between candid moments. Like the laughter, the tears, your anti dancing and also all the fun you and your guests have during a day which is over so quickly. We capture the moments that you were too busy to see, the moments that your family or close friends were experiencing when you entered the wedding or during your first dance.

We make sure we make it your special day.

Wedding Dress
Symmetrical Tunnel Portrait


Create art for your walls

Your portrait is more than a beautiful photo of you. It is a still image of your character and personality, reflecting who you are and what you want to portray. We create wall art for your home. Have you ever considered enlarging a portrait of yourself in a creative and innovative way?


Contact us and we will discuss your vision. We can create a piece of art to decorate your walls with a unique and special theme that reflects you.