Valentine's Everlasting Gift

Let's forget about Valentine's Day and go to our hearts and us being as humans. We are born with love and love grows with us. When we are happy, we see everything in a beautiful way even things we don't notice on daily basis. Valentine's Day is a reminder of that love. The love of family, lovers, friends, pets and all the loved ones that we keep them in our heart. At Vienna's Photography I created this package of special Valentine's shoot in the memory of my mom. I want to give others the chance to leave professional photo of their loved ones for years and years to come. Some gifts have expiry date or may end up in a drawer after a while. I'm a believer in printed photos for keeping a date or memory. Photos keep time, space and place. We remember our haircut, clothes, smiles and emotions.

This is your life, do what you like and do it often. LIFE IS SIMPLE LIVE IT IN A SIMPLE WAY. Create and leave a signature in life. LEAVE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL TO TELL WHO YOU WERE. Spread the love that fills your heart. SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN YOU CAN.

To all the lovers out there we would like to be part of your Valentine's day to tell your story.

From our heart to yours

Wishing you all the love this Valentine's

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